Need help with your digital project?
Buy my spare time.

You are...

Looking for help with marketing, MVP development, strategy, or business processes.

You've got the "indie hacker" spark, and want to get cracking building your own project

I am,,,

A former CMO of a startup, full-time digital marketer, builder of micro-SaaS, and coffee drinker extraordinaire.

I'm selling the time outside of my normal job to help you plan, build, launch, market, and grow your side project!

Why you? why sidehours?

Having developed marketing strategies, taken products to market, developed full apps and MVPs, and led on social media - I can handle all of the tasks you might need to get your digital project off of the ground.

If you want specific examples based on your use case, drop me an email.


2 Hours: Marketing Strategy

Initial draft of a marketing strategy, taking into account your market, product USPs, and ambitions.

This will take the form of an actionable PDF, allowing you to take the next step with your business.

Expected Timeframe: 2-3 Days

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